Monday, January 14, 2008

Transport Committee Alert

The Transport Committee meets on Thursday morning, fresh from publication of the high profile Crime and Anti Social Behaviour on London's Buses report. We can expect some complaints from Labour members who have had their strings well and truly tugged by Livingstone over this.

On Thursday we will be covering two important subjects:

Roadworks, which seem particularly prevalent at the moment. How can we minimise disruption? How can the utilities be persuaded to plan together and to reduce the time they spend on site? What happened to the government's charging for time trials in Camden and Middlesbrough a few years ago?

And the old favourite, Articulated Buses. Back in October figures revealed a high number of accidents on these vehicles and concerns were aired at a public meeting in Ilford, at which the Mayor said he thought the Transport Committee should investigate. We are happy to oblige and will be considering the statistics.

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