Thursday, February 09, 2012

Budget Approved

This morning the Assembly approved the fourth Boris Johnson budget, including a precept cut of 1%. This is the first time that the precept has been reduced in twelve years but another important record was also set:

Because the Labour members abstained, only five members opposed the budget allowing it to be passed by the ten Conservatives present. In the past the budget has always been agreed by a minority of members, albeit enough to reach the required target of one third of the Assembly. Today's budget motion was passed with a clear majority of five!


sjm said...

Roger, perhaps it would be helpful if you would remind your readers of the peculiar voting set-up in the Assembly, so that we can understand the permanent in-built bias.

Roger Evans said...

Good idea SJM - there are 11 Conservatives, 8 Labour, 3 Lib Dem, 2 Green and 1 BNP member. All the smaller parties are there by dint of the top up list voting system. This gives the Lib Dems the balance of power - a position they routinely abuse by playing off the major parties against each other.

The budget is one occasion when they can't do this, because the support of two thirds of AMs is required to amend or reject the mayor's proposals. With 11 Conservatives this isn't going to happen.

The other parties usually vote against but this time Labour abstained...