Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Council Tax CUT

Last night I attended a fund raising event at Shoreditch Town Hall in aid of Assembly Candidates John Moss (City and East) and Naomi Newstead (London North East). there was a great turn out and a very up beat mood - there was also a rumour that Boris had found the efficiency savings to be able to cut the council tax precept.

This morning it is confirmed. There will be a reduction of 1% this year, on top of the freezes achieved in the previous three years. The average band D household will have saved £445.05 over the four years of the Conservative term of office. I'm particularly pleased as I have been urging Boris to cut the budget ever since our first meeting at City Hall, so my persistent lobbying has paid off for Londoners.

And what a contrast with Livingstone who thought he was doing Londoners a favour by limiting the increase to 7.5% in 2004, but usually inflicted much higher rises on the capital.

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